Towel Care

Looking after your Layday

  • Wash separately before use.
  • Optimal absorbency comes after 3-6 wash-dry cycles.
  • Warm Machine wash. Don't Bleach. Avoid Fabric Softeners.
  • Cold/Warm Tumble dry.

Sure, your Layday will dry you fresh out of the pack but using 2 non-soapy/chemically washes will kick-start a long term drying relationship.  

First things first, SOAK IT or WASH IT with Vinegar.

The best way to kick start your Layday is to stick it in a warm washing machine cycle with 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar, by itself.

Once that's done & while it's still wet stick 1/2 cup of Bicarbonate Soda and wash again.

These 2 washes do a few things. The Vinegar strips the natural & production waxes form the yarn and then the Bicarb activates the cotton by letting it naturally expand - tightening up the fabric, preventing it from snagging  (especially the French Terry Weave). The Bicarb wash also takes any lingering vinegar smell of the fabric.   

Don't use fabric softeners.

Fabric softeners might make your towel feel soft but it actually inhibits the drying capability of our yarn. Think of it like coating the yarn with a waxy kind of might make it feel nice, but it'll be smearing water instead of soaking it up.  

Our Tailored fringes.

Once our towels are fresh off the loom - they're folded, ironed flat and then hand stitched to seal the edge. Naturally there's going to be the odd horizontal yarn that comes away. Don't stress that your towel's going to's simply a few loose strands that'll come away for the first few uses. 

Don't lay it on Jagged surfaces.  

Just common sense this one.

We're all for basking on a warm rock, but if it's one of the jagged, really rough kind of rocks....find a smoother one. If the yarn catches on something sharp or abrasive it can potentially pull. If this does happen - simply snip off the loose yarn with some scissors and happy days.