Since Layday was founded, we have always made our towels from 100% pure cotton. Why? Because Cotton is a natural fibre grown in nature, that is 100% free from polyester and microfibre plastics.

We believe in using business as a force for good and are committed to protecting the places we love to explore.

The Magic of Cotton

  • Natural & Renewable

    From the Earth, for the Earth. Cotton is a natural fibre grown in nature. It is naturally renewable and biodegradable.

  • Made To Last

    Because cotton is breathable and does not retain odours as synthetic fabrics do, it lasts longer and requires fewer washes between wears - saving time, water and energy.

  • Zero Polyester & Microfibre Plastics

    The world doesn't need anymore plastic. Unlike Cotton, Polyester is a synthetic fibre, made from petrochemicals and plastic.

Better For All

Layday is proud to be B-Corp.

As a B-Corp we are apart of a global community of businesses that have been found to operate at the highest levels of social and environmental impact.

We believe in running a business that benefits all - people & planet - so that in our own small way we can be a force for good.

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